Aventures des Toiles

Each season, 5 paintings, 5 lines of clothing: the space of a collection, painters become muses!

Aventures des Toiles is a ready-to-wear brand that finds its inspiration in painting.
Window open on the imagination of an artist, each canvas selected for the season is reinterpreted by the creative team.
From an entire painting sometimes only one motif remains, escaped from the painting like a thread of the reel. Or, on the contrary, they are the colors that liberate themselves from the yoke of form to invade the fabric and become backdrops.

Better than an imitation, the fragmentation of the painting makes it possible to restore its strength and richness. Each of the lines of clothing presented by Aventures des Toiles thus has its own unique and poetic identity, the fruit of the imagination of a painter and the know-how of the house.
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